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High Compression Everyday Vest Faja

High Compression Everyday Vest Faja

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Elevate your confidence with our High Compression Vest - where comfort meets waist-sculpting magic! Crafted from high-quality stretch and breathable fabric, our fajas redefine shapewear by seamlessly blending comfort and control. Indulge in the luxury of softness as the cotton lining wraps you in a cocoon of comfort, making it so cozy you can even drift off to sleep in it. The outer layer brings the perfect fusion of moderate compression, instantly tightening your midriff, reducing your waistline, and highlighting those natural curves you adore.

For the girlies who crave a simple solution to sculpting their waist, our vest is the answer. The front U-type anti-droop open bust design not only tightens your waist but also gives your bust a perky lift, perfect for those who want focused compression with ease. Bid farewell to armpit and back bulges, as our Fajas Colombianas work their magic, effectively tightening and controlling loose fat. Padded adjustable non-slip wide shoulder straps add to the comfort, making it a go-to for those combating chronic back pain or slouching.

 But that's not all - our fajas go beyond shaping, offering extra control that aids in skin adherence to the muscle. Perfect for Post Op and Postpartum, it comfortably tightens your stomach after surgery, promoting healing, preventing liquid retention, reducing swelling and bruising, improving blood flow, minimizing scarring, and reducing infections.

✅ Breathable and Comfortable
✅ Moderate Compression for Instant Results
✅ U-Type Anti-Droop Bust Design
✅ Controls Loose Fat Under Armpits and Back
✅ Padded Adjustable Non-Slip Straps
✅ Focused Compression for Waist and Bust
✅ Ideal for Post Op and Postpartum

Experience the blend of comfort and security with our High Compression Vest - because every girl deserves to feel fabulous in her own skin! 💖✨

Not sure what size you need? Book your complimentary consultation to get help from Honeyy Curves Founder, Valeria. 

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