Before You Return:

Don't underestimate the magic!

Dive into the world of Honeyy Curves – where our waist trainers and shapewear may seem petite, but they're the powerhouse behind your fabulous curves!

Embrace the magic of shaping and flaunt those Honeyy Curves with pride

Honeyy Curves Tips & Tricks

Transforming into your dream-hourglass is a cinch with a snug waist trainer or shapewear. Picture this – lie flat, start hooking from the bottom, and voila! Pro tip: It's okay if you need a hand; we've all been there. Measure that waist just above the navel, consult our size chart, and let the magic happen.

Returning a little glam? Ensure the item is back in its original packaging, unworn, and in its full fabulous glory. If there's a crotch, try it on over undergarments – we're keeping it classy! Remember, we retain the right to decline returns if they don't sparkle with Honeyy Curves standards.
Let's sculpt those curves and radiate that Honeyy Curves glow!

"I was so excited to receive my Honeyy Curves, but i was so nervous that it might not fit. But once I received it, my best friend help me put it on. Im obsessed, it's perfect!" by Jasmine L

Items must be returned within 30 days from your order's arrival. Original shipping is non refundable on orders returned for refund.