About Us

Honeyy Curves is for every women of any size or shape. Honeyy Curves is made for all types of beautiful women embracing her curves. Honeyy curves began with a dream. This dream drove Honeyy Juicee to this incredible  idea. From a young age our CEO Honeyy Juicee noticed that her body is very different from other your girls. Her mom told her that she's young and she will grow into her body.

When she looked in the mirror she saw that her waist is square and very flat figure all around. Since she was a young girl she's been trying different waist trainers, shapers and butt lifting shorts to achieve the desired hourglass figure. She's suffered years of bullying and overcame all the negative comments she received in school.

4 years ago she discovered a break through! A snatched girls dream! She found an amazing factory in Colombia Where they stitch all types of waist trainers and shapers. This waist trainer transformed her figure in the matter of seconds. It’s the latex waist trainer that helped her shred inches off her waist, and mold her body. She Went from size medium to a extra small.Her love for waist trainers drove her to Colombia where she consulted with the factory and Honeyy Curves was born.

There's no need to continue searching for the best waist trainer that will give you actual results.Honeyy Juicee has worn so many different waist trainers and fajas, she has done the research for you. Now you can click and purchase, have the best waist trainer of your dreams at your door in no time.


1. Slim your waist FAST! Reduce inches.


2. Helps with your back and posture


3. Mold your waist (Hourglass shape)

4. Helps with meal portion control


5. Postpartum waist tightening


6. Bustline Support